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Beer Swappin’ — Summer Edition

21 Jun

For nearly a year now, Dan and I have hosted what we call: “Seasonal Beer Swaps.” This is a chance for our friends – from our workplaces, colleges, family, and neighbors – to try some new, interesting, sometimes hard-to-find craft beer. We’ve begun to host these at the beginning of each season (June, Sept., Nov., March). I usually make some yummy bites, provide some beer, and have a little party. The main purpose, however, is to swap yo beer!

Each person brings over one 24-bottle case of seasonal craft beer (bonus points for uniqueness). Then we equally distribute between all the cases. For example, if 12 cases were brought, each person leaves with a mixed case with 12 types of beer (2 bottles of each). It’s proven to be a fun way to try new beers without the investment of purchasing a full case. Plus, craft beer is a common interest among a huge segment of our friends. We love bringing together so many people from several circles of friends.

Our next swap will be in September – Oktoberfests, pumpkins – all are welcome!

Here’s what we swapped in last weekend’s Summer Beer Swap:


O’Fallon Wheach Wheat Beer

Dogfish Head Festina PĂȘche

Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

Southern Tier Hop Sun

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

Cisco Brewers Whale’s Tale Pale Ale

Harpoon Summer

Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale

Anchor Steam Summer Beer