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An Introduction…

1 Mar


My dear friend Liz and I – we’re buds. We met three sweet years ago as servers at the beloved Elbow Room in Shadyside. Liz was still studying at CMU and I just wrapped up at Pitt, trying to figure out my life’s game-plan. <Insert Nostalgic Song Here/>. So we lived a life of late nights out, bar/restaurant hopping throughout Pittsburgh, and talking a lot about what we wanted “when we’re grown up.” Not much later, we became roommates. Sharing shoes (well, I borrowed from Liz), sharing wine (or Liz drinking mine), and lots of cuddling/TV-watching/snacking on the comfy couch. Bliss.

Fast-forward. A lot has happened in three years. We’re both out of the restaurant biz. Liz moved to Philly. My lovely, sweet boyfriend moved in, and we’re pursuing our careers. Just like we always said we would! Me, in online/social media marketing.

But here’s the thing – we gchat, a lot. We share stories, ideas, thoughts, issues. We are constantly swapping links of news stories, Pinterest pins, Facebook photos… the list goes on. Not only do we love and get jazzed up about fashion, recipes, and current events, we also work through the common growing pains of being in your 20s. Together, we talk through budgeting and saving strategies, fitness tips, and travel dreams. There are a lot of thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that run between us thanks to the beauty of the Internet, and we’re not done chatting. Why not create a space where we can record these valuable thoughts, and better yet, why not share them with you?

So here is the beginning. Gchat with us.