23 Jul

The news has really got me down. Unnecessary hatred, poor decisions from powerful men, death, accusations, and political bashing. This weekend, I just shut it down. I avoided the TV news, Twitter, and online news sites. It was lovely. 

In my own bubble, life is good. Pittsburgh is thriving. My family is happy. Professional life is moving. Thousands of Pittsburghers came together to throw water balloons for Haiti

Do Good

Within a time of so much sadness in the news, I’m reminding myself that there is good in the world – and I want to be a part of it.

To kick off Monday, I reminded myself of the importance of the little things. Take small steps towards good – whether that be your greater purpose, #1 goal, or a quest to find peace and happiness. I’m trying to refocus my energy away from things I can’t control towards positivity in my own world and people within it. 

Happy Monday to you. Make your world a better place today.


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