My Constant Struggle…and I Can’t Be the Only One.

25 Mar

Money. Let’s talk about it. I have a progressive view on discussing finances. I don’t feel like it’s taboo in any way. Our society norms have taught us that it is inappropriate to openly discuss money, especially related to income, debt, and what’s within our “means”.  Yet, we live in a world where most people want to appear like they make more than others. That’s usually how we fall into debt – and that’s a shame. As an example, how many times have you felt pressured to go to a “$$$$” restaurant when you really should be going to a “$$” this month?

Anywho. Practically every day I wrestle with finding that balance between smart spending (the pay-yourself-first strategy) and spending to make you feel satisfied. I’m a woman. I like pretty things (Essie nail polish, J Brand jeans, pretty dresses…you get the picture). But, I learned to love security even more.

Security isn’t meeting and marrying a rich man. It isn’t counting on your dad to back you up. It isn’t even trusting that “you’ll figure it out” or “you’ll think about that later”. In my opinion, security is feeling confident that you have a plan in place to be able to live 100% independently, if necessary.

Why am I rambling about this? I follow fashion-loving women on Twitter who often share their outfits, buys, and deals online. Boy do I get jealous. Just a bit ago, someone Tweeted about Birchbox. So I begin to browse the site…see this foundation that I LOVE…almost buy…crap, it’s $28. No. I’m gonna rock out that $9 Maybelline Dream Mousse for just a bit longer. Begin brief period of sadness and dreaming of a shopping trip.

My 20s have taught me to find balance. Okay. I love pricey nail polish. However, $8/bottle or weekly manicures can’t be a regular thing. I had to strike a deal with myself to limit my buys to one color per month. Shopping trips? I budget to go shopping once a season. Preferably, wait until end-of-season sales when merch is 30-50% off. My weakness? Dining out. Still working on that. Speaking of which, need to check out Union Pig and Chicken ASAP!

I’m fortunate to have so many inspiring women in my life. These women are smart, talented, passionate, gorgeous, friendly, and forward-thinking. My dear friend, Sarah Sudar writes for The Style Clutch – providing budget-friendly fashion tips for women of all ages. Worth the follow 🙂

I welcome further conversations about budget challenges for you. What are your challenges? How do you stay organized and on budget?

Until next time –



2 Responses to “My Constant Struggle…and I Can’t Be the Only One.”

  1. Emily March 25, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    Katie — I am horrible at this! I’m a big believer in little indulgences — magazines, $8 nail polish (yep, you’re not the only one) — or else what do we work so hard for?

    I’ve found setting up savings systems that I don’t see and are tricky to tap into (ING, 401k) help me save for the long-term so I can have some peace of mind.

    And I also love the uberchicforcheap blog, in addition to Sarah’s, of course!

    • Katie V. March 25, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

      You are right – that’s the very thought that spurred this blog. We work so hard, deserve to enjoy our indulgences. But there’s a fine line of ‘safe spending’ to ‘OMG last month was out of control!’

      I’ll continue to outline my savings strategies but online savings accounts (like ING) are a-maze-ing. Auto-transfers make it feel like it’s just a regular ‘ole bill and it doesn’t hurt so much to see the funds go.

      Thanks for supporting me in my blogging adventure 🙂

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